My best friend started growing a flower for me while I was in hospital.

When I came home it bloomed. I decided to paint it.

Flower”, acrylic on canvas, 2021

for perfect house wife

When you wonder about your dream home, you try to imagine how it would look like. What the interior will be and kitchen is important part of it. Kitchen is like a heart of every house. And traditionally it lead to perfect house wife too – what ever it means for each of us.

I am married for two months now. Usually I paint in my kitchen in weekends mornings while house is lazy as sleeping bodies in there. Children not running to school (or home works while schools are closed do to pandemic). My new husband who wake up tired after creative night in his music studio is sleeping or sleepy walking around home in underwear. In my mind I gently cuddle them all and smiling about my old struggles to be a perfect wife or mum.

For now I think that beauty is in imperfection and freedom as part of happiness is there too. But now I paint puzzle piece of perfect house wife kitchen wall to get that feeling from old childhood dreams of “my dream home” with love to my self not struggles to reach something imaginary perfect.

For hose wife, acrylic on canvas, 2021

Left overs // does size matters?

have you ever asked your self – why all beauty stays on the palette? I used “leftovers” to paint small 15×15 cm paintings. It’s like a dot at the end of theme for me.

But after all each of them have their own story. And they become valuable by themselves.

Dose the size matters when it become to good painting?