My best friend started growing a flower for me while I was in hospital. When I came home it bloomed. I decided to paint it.

Way back home

Way back homeInspired by #aboriginal #songline #art #artforsale #painting #painter #paintingoftheday #paintingforsale #forsale #acrylicpainting #painter #paintings #paintingart #acrylic #truelove #artgalleries #abstractart #artgallerie #abstractpainting #abstract #originalart #fineart #artwork #contemporarypainting

Paint it Golden

I always said that art is the place there everyone could be free, so we should paint that place golden. What does it means? Freedom is difficult, it has a different meaning for every human. For example for some paid job is trap, for others its ticket to releasnes. I met some new friend last year at … Continue reading Paint it Golden

Magic Murals of Flowers in Tove Jansson’s “Moominpappa at Sea” — Sea Library

I spent hours and hours with my flowers this summer. I had planted in the soil so many seeds and bulbs early in spring. We watched a garden of our own growing and blooming in pots on our sunlit terrace. Marigolds, nasturtiums, anemones, pelargoniums, a carpet of wildflowers, purple, red, and white swords of gladiolus. […] … Continue reading Magic Murals of Flowers in Tove Jansson’s “Moominpappa at Sea” — Sea Library


This was one of my first painting after my huge break up period with brushes and blank canvas. I wanted to put it all together – day and night, light and darkness, Latvian garden in blooming and palm tree who belongs in some exotic garden at far away country. I didn’t want to tell about … Continue reading Home

If its not Art, call it Magic

I read about #aborigines #art and how they draw their land. How they tell their stories of dreams trough lines and ornaments. I try to put together western perceptions of #meadow with their language but it more looks like a memories about world that we already forgotten… Do we have what it takes to make our dream world come … Continue reading If its not Art, call it Magic

Sunday morning

I fought about sketches, other professional artist do this, I know… But sketches is like a plan, strategy what you must to realize. I rather choose to let process of creation led me. I watched short videos about aborigines women’s textile painting process, they never do sketches. They dream and create new world from their … Continue reading Sunday morning


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