Paint it Golden

I always said that art is the place there everyone could be free, so we should paint that place golden. What does it means?

Freedom is difficult, it has a different meaning for every human. For example for some paid job is trap, for others its ticket to releasnes.

I met some new friend last year at coffee hose near at my home. He told stories about friends from study times who make carriers as presidents and go to wind tunnel at free time. This is quite expensive sport wich make Latvia famous as first flight show at the Olympic Games in Turin.

The highest point of happiness, pure joy and absolute freedom – that’s what flying means!

This summer I met my friend again and he told me how once he skied in Austria with speed 120 km per hour. Is it even possible? Do I remember it right?

He told me once that job is no more necessary for him, he have enough money to don’t care about it anymore, but he keep doing it because it is part of his personality. He is senior expert of what he doing and he enjoy that. That simple.

After few weeks he went to trip by bicycle all around Europe…. alone. We who stayed at home checked email to get some news from ur crazy friend and dive in to pure joy about his journey.

Last week he celebrate his birthday twice as old as mine, at the party there was 60 people with different ages, experiences and occasions. After exquisite dinner and wine degustation ritual we all dance around him singing “You simply the best!” 

I think a lot about which one of my paintings give him as present. I know that he is not big fan of art world, his theme are numbers – clear and distinct world, and abstract paintings is always a bit challenge. For ones there is nothing, for others this is the place of free emotions and imagination.

I choose to give to my friend golden one – manifestation of all that keeps us free and live. He is such an inspiration for all of us. If he will like my painting or not, he knows value of ideas, of time and work, of excitement and dreams which came true. More or less it’ s all are golden.

Manifistation. (Blue), acrylic on canvas, 2021

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