If its not Art, call it Magic

I read about #aborigines #art and how they draw their land. How they tell their stories of dreams trough lines and ornaments. I try to put together western perceptions of #meadow with their language but it more looks like a memories about world that we already forgotten…

Do we have what it takes to make our dream world come true?

“Meadow”, acrylic on canvas, 2021, 90×65

After I finished this painting my whole world changed. I get many proposals one of them very special from man I love, others was about a jobs like an empty gift box with glittering paper around them. “Join us, we will make you happy, you just have to done this or that…” I look at my flat that suddenly filled with kids loughs, two dogs and cat and said no to almost every offer. They didn’t want to make me happy, they want to use me to fulfil their ambitions and dreams. I have mines now. I look at “Meadow”. If one painting with aborigines ornaments can change my daily routine so much without planning or something, then whats will came next….? If it’s not art, call it magic.

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