Sunday morning

I fought about sketches, other professional artist do this, I know… But sketches is like a plan, strategy what you must to realize. I rather choose to let process of creation led me. I watched short videos about aborigines women’s textile painting process, they never do sketches. They dream and create new world from their dreams.

I put my canvas on sunlight and look how lights and shadows moves on it. Nature is the greatest artist. It have it all.

I wake up early Sunday morning, sneak in my studio and painting the same canvas with no sketches. I listen to “The V̲e̲lvet Unde̲rgro̲und & N̲ico Full Album 1967” and almost felt honey in my veins. This is how feels inner pease – I fought… Let that sense become my sketch.

To day smart internet cookies offer me news about Elder Eunice Napanangka Jack – National Indigenous fashion award winer for the Textile Design Award.

Congratulation the winner!!! I took it as good sign on way to my dreams.

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