Wawiriya Burton — world of dreams

Wawiriya Burton is an Australian Aboriginal artist known for her acrylic paintings. Burton belongs to the Pitjantjatjara, an Aboringinal people of the Central Australian desert near Uluru.She was born in outback central Australia sometime during the 1920s, and grew up living a traditional, nomadic way of life. She originally specialized in baskets and punu (wood […]

Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Wawiriya Burton — Humoring the Goddess

Then I was 12 years old I carefully read all Australian magazines wich my mothers aunt send me from Australia. I dream about this far away land, wich here in Latvia seems imaginary. My ayes catch up people in black and white photos, their faces looks different then I used to… So authentic, wild and peaceful at the same time. Like they can hear through skin and know everything, like they could become animals and birds if they only want to. In those days in my 12 there was no google or Wikipedia in my attic room, only books and journals. I already read everything I found about African tribes. People in those photos caring all the worlds pride and pain. Australian aborigines was different for me. They wasn’t even connected with world as I know it. I ask my relatives to send me more about them, but they never do. While I painting “Nature prints” I suddenly remember all of this. I looking for right keys in my life, I left my job (again and I hope this time I will be wiser) and begin new way to my dreams. again… again.. and again… Maybe now I will be more strong to say “no” at others good advaises and sey “yes” to my self. I wonder that people who know how to become a birds and how to create lake in the middle of desert don’t have such a problems…

The full meaning of Wawiriyas Burtons artworks can only be understood or deciphered by people who have been initiated. – I took this colours and love of being like a compass and hope for initiation.

Thank you “humoring the goddess” for introduction.

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